Dr.Plus Y-Age Carnosine+

Dr.Plus Y-Age Carnosine+

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  • Clinically proven to increase stamina by up to 125% (after 3 weeks of use)
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Improves overall health
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Slows down / stops skin aging
  • Improves the bioelectric properties of the organs
  • Protects the brain and nerve cells, promotes better memory and brain function
  • Patented phototherapy
  • No drugs, no stimulants, no chemicals

Note: Y-Age products have been specially developed to slow down the aging process!

For better results fighting AGING signs, we recommend using the Y-Age products in combination! (Y-Age Aeon, Y-Age Glutathione, Y-Age Carnosine)

Important: Only the 30 patches-package can be delivered in the original packaging. 6 and 14 patches-packages are shipped in a well-packed envelope!

Better Life Performance
After age 30, people begin to lose muscle mass and bone density, and by age 70 they end up with less than half of the muscle mass they once had. Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant stored in the skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle, which helps prevent this decline and improve overall health.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Y-Age Carnosine to push themselves further, but this patch can help anyone experience peek performance in their daily life routine. Use of this patch improves strength, flexibility and endurance, which together form the foundation of a robust and active lifestyle.

Did You Know?
Building strength and endurance will likely improve your overall health. For instance, strong, capable muscles and flexibility provide better stability, reducing your risk of injury while performing physical activities. This can significantly benefit older adults, who may risk dangerous fractures from falling.



>> Instructions for Use - Y-Age Carnosine <<

If you have further questions about the usage, we can of course help you further. Write us directly under Contact

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