What is LifeWave?

"Patches instead of needles - Acupuncture patches with patented biophoton technology."

LiveWave patches are 3.5 cm wide patches, which are based on a patented biophoton technology and used for an holistic therapy of the whole person.

The therapy with Livewave biophoton patches combines the advantages of traditional acupuncture and modern light therapy.

No needles are used, as is the case with traditional acupuncture, but special biophoton patches, which release blockages in the body's energy pathways (meridians) through therapeutic irritation of acupuncture points and thus relieve symptoms.

LifeWave biophoton patches can be used immediately by anyone. They are easy to use, have no side effects and the effect can be felt quickly.

The biophoton plasters from LiveWave were developed 12 years ago by the American David Schmidt on behalf of the American Navy in order to keep submarine crews fit and operational longer in emergency situations without having to resort to doping agents.

"Lifewave Patches Wrong-ordered items that are returned in the unopened original packaging and in a salable condition will be taken back after consultation. We will refund the full invoice amount. Opened original packaging is considered accepted and cannot be taken back.are a modern form of phototherapy, the treatment with light."

It has long been known that all cells in the human body communicate with each other at the speed of light using the smallest amounts of light in the infrared range or transmit information (see: Biophotons Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp). The formation of vitamin D3 or melatonin also occurs via different light frequencies.

LiveWave patches contain organic crystals that are activated by body heat. They stimulate nerve and acupuncture points and regulate e.g. the flow of energy on the meridians (invisible energy pathways in the human body on which the acupuncture points lie) or stimulate the formation of different endogenous substances. The patches contain no acupuncture needle and no medication, so nothing gets into the skin. There are over 70 scientific and clinical studies on the effects of the patches.

The patches are used successfully worldwide by professional athletes, Olympic athletes and people interested in health.